Travelling with Down Syndrome

By 3rd December 2016Special Needs, Tips

What is Down Syndrome? If you want all the details click here for a Wiki article.

But more importantly, what is it to us, to our family, to our son?

I’m not sure it can be expressed simply but here goes –

Having a child with Down Syndrome is like opening your mind to a world of sickness, medicines and medical terms, hospitals, treatments and support workers that you never knew existed. Its like opening your heart to a new scale of emotions, perceptions, expectations either lost or exceeded and an increased depth of love you’d never thought you had. It changes your personality, the way you think, speak and act.

All of this is for the better. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that our family is better because of Marcus – better inside and outside.

Does that mean everything is plain sailing? Absolutely not.

For each of our holidays, and perhaps for a few other significant events, we’ve put down the impact of having a child with Down Syndrome. This is to give other parents with special needs children an insight into our trip. Granted, these are our choices, decisions and circumstances – you might connect with them, disagree with them or be motivated by them. We are not saying that we’ve done it right.

But we are saying that you can have fantastic holidays, amazing experiences and be better for it, despite the challenges you face.

Below is the summary for each of our trips with Marcus. We have noted the time of year we went, his age, mobility issues, medical challenges, our feelings and other things we think might be useful for others.

6 Days in London – Marcus aged 7.

10 Days in Europe – Marcus aged 6.

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