6 days in London – Why and when

By 13th August 2016London

Its my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary this year.  What an achievement.  My Mam announced that she would like to take us all away on a family holiday.  Wooooo!

By all, she meant, her and Dad, my older brother and his wife, my older sister, her husband and 6 year old daughter and of course us 4.  Families all get on together right?  Right??

But where to go?  We do have a laugh together but all of us in one place with our individual eclectic personalities, styles, like and dislikes was going to be interesting.

Someone in the group suggested a city break, somewhere where we could do the same things or different things, and not worry about sharing cars, waiting on each other etc.  What a great idea.  I wonder who thought of that?

So which city?                                                            London Baby!!!!!

It consistently lists as one of the top 10 cities in the world, my Mam lived there for a spell, as did my brother and his wife.  Its familiar to my Dad and me through our work and a place all of the family had tripped too at one time or another.

If you’ve picked up any of my personality traits in these blogs, you’ll realise that I’m a planner.  So is my brother.  This was going to make for an interesting week.

Many meetings and white board sessions later, we came up with a list of activities.  Actually, it was a really good process.  Each section of the family came up with a list of all the things they wanted to do.  We then combined the lists to see where the overlaps were – this would create our joint days.  We had 4 in total.  We could then plan to do all that stuff together – as a whole family – and actually enjoy it.  The other stuff we would pick off on our own or as smaller groups.

Dad picked and booked the accommodation – a large house / apartment style place in Shoreditch.  My brother and his wife were going to travel in on the train from Birmingham.  All the rest of us were going in two cars.  Its a chunky drive from Newcastle, but saved on the £££ and allowed us to take loads of luggage.

It was a Sunday to Sunday rental which suited us all and meant the traffic was much lighter than through the week.  We just hoped for good weather and some quality family time.




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