17 Days in Europe – Day 15 A Thirst for First

By 25th August 2017Europe17

Our quiet day….

This quiet day involved an early start, a packed lunch, getting to the top of a mountain, a round trip lake hike, a cliff walk and then a zipwire and bike trip back down to the town centre.


It all centres around a place called First.  Possibly, my most favourite place in the world.  So any activity here is well worth the effort.

You catch a cable car from the far side of town.  Probably a 10 minute walk from our accommodation.  These cable cars are known as Gondolas, they are smaller and have seats in.  You could get 6 people in at a push, but our ‘larger than average family of 4’ just fit along with the pram.

I sound like a broken record here, but after just a few moments the scenery becomes breathtaking.  Higher and higher, more and more stunning.

Since it is quite early, there are not many other people here yet.  So we take advantage of doing the cliff walk before we head off to the lake.  It looks similar to our walk on the way to the Schilthorn – a metal walkway bolted to the side of the cliff.  And just like that walk it is a little on the scary side!  Charlotte thinks twice about it – especially a suspension bridge style section.  But Marcus just walks on as if he is strolling along the corridor at school.

There are gaps where the walkway doesn’t quite meet the side of the mountain.  I spot one big enough for Marcus to drop through and quicken my pace to walk along side him.  Disaster averted.

At the end of the walk to wander out onto a isolated prominent section with a glass base.  It feels like you can just reach out and touch the mountains.  Nothing around or beneath you.  Just mountains.  Wowzers!

Now it is time to head off to the Lake – Bachalpsee.  We have done this walk once before.  The last time was in deep snow.  Today, it is boiling hot and bright blue sky.  The path is fairly straight forward, easy for the pram, but with some bumpy sections.  Every now and again there is an electrified cow gate, one of which Charlotte zaps herself on.

“Well, it did it’s job” I say.

Along the way we spot goats, cows, birds and Marmots – think big beavers but without the goofy teeth.  We round the final bend on the path and the Lake opens up before us.  What a place to sit and have our picnics.  We grab a seat, eat and spend time throwing stones.  Awesome.

Can you spot the Marmot?

Now its time to head back and we stop at the Restaurant at First to take in more views, food and drink.  The sign outside says “The most beautiful view in the world”.  I think that I agree.

There is a zipwire here that you can go on which takes you down part of the mountain.  From there you can catch the cable car again, or pick up a Trotti bike – a bike with no pedals, like a grown up version of a scooter, and swish all the way down the mountain.  We decide that Charlotte and I will do the zip wire and then Wendy and Charlotte will do the Trotti bikes.

Unfortunately, Marcus gets the short end of the stick here as he is too small to get on anything.

The queue for the zipwire is about an hour long so we wait.  And wait.  And wait.  But we get our turn.  There are 4 individual seats.  You sit in a sling style chair and get strapped in.  You are held back and face a metal gate so you can’t see what is in front of you.  Then the doors pop open and away we go.  Wooooooooooooooooooo

It is about 800 meters long and over in a flash.  An amazing experience.  Here is a video – with added screaming for effect.

We swap the kids over – Marcus is now with me and Charlotte with Wendy. They get all the safety stuff for their bikes while Marcus and I take advantage of the play park.  We sit and dig in the sand, in the sun.  Like a beach holiday.

After about 45 minutes we wrap up at the park and head down the cable car to meet up with the girls.  As if by magic we get off at the bottom and literally bump into them as they are returning the bikes.  I call that good planning.

A slow saunter back to the accommodation takes us through the centre of the town, so we can browse and shop a little.  But it’s been so hot up the mountain we are bushed and are happy to get a proper rest in the house.  Ipad, milk and toast.

I told you this was a quiet day!


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