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Welcome to my blog.  Its a hobby for me, keeps friends and family up to date on our adventures and hopefully, provides a different slant on holidays for other people to read.  Some of the updates focus specifically on the challenges we have faced (and overcome!) to be adventurous with our two children – Charlotte, a high maintenance ‘tween-ager’ and Marcus, a fun loving boy with Down Syndrome.

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The featured blog gives you a taster of our trips.  Most often it will link directly into the middle of a holiday so you get a snapshot of what is going on and what we are doing.  Sometimes they will link to summaries, practical info or even experiences we have had with Marcus along the way.  Click the button below to read on…where it leads, no-one knows.

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24 Hours in London

| London, Tips | No Comments

Is it possible to ‘do’ London in a day? Nope. But you can give it your best shot. Recently I planned a short trip to London with friends who had…

4 Days in Wroclaw – Day 4 Eat, Drink, Repeat

| Poland17 | No Comments

Sometimes on a trip seeing new things loses it’s appeal.  Another museum, church, row of shops etc.  So just repeating stuff is OK and actually, exactly the right thing to…

4 Days in Wroclaw – Day 3 Never Admit Defeat

| Poland17 | No Comments

History has never been kind to the Polish people.  And because of that, you can sense a real quiet determination to get on with things.  That feeling really stood out…

Travelling with Special Needs

If you have a child with special needs, you might not think that certain holidays, events or activities are possible.  Perhaps for you and your families circumstances, they aren’t.  We have been able to overcome some of the challenges that we faced, using some specially adapted equipment and ordinary every day things.

Travelling with Down Syndrome – a summary of our trips with Marcus

Personal Mobility – Car Seats, Carriers and Buggies

Sleeping when away

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For each of our trips, we have listed out the key practical bits that you might find useful for your planning.  In reality, things will have moved on from when we went, but our experience might trigger thoughts of your own, or points that you might want to research a little bit more.